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Bed and Breakfast

iKWETA Country Inn is in Maua Town, Meru County, about 60 km from Meru Town. It is situated in a tranquil setting in a flower garden – the Maua Gardens – by the Mboone River which traverses the property, about a 15 minute walk to the Maua Central Business District.

We provide quality Bed & Breakfast accommodation. Half-Board (Bed, Breakfast and Lunch or Dinner), and Full-Board (Bed, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) is by prior arrangement (and for Conference Package only).

We have some of the best meeting facilities in the region. Please contact us for Conference Packages.

Majority of the Guest Rooms are in the Maua Gardens on the Mboone riverfront


Bed & Breakfast is the standard.
Breakfast is served between 07:00-10.00 hours.
Half-Board or Full-Board, by prior arrangement (for Conference Packages only).
Bistro dining and Bar.
Outdoor sitting areas on the Terrace and in the Maua Gardens.
Family-friendly environment.

High-capacity backup genset in case of mains power outage.
High-speed Internet on fiber optic (Terms and Conditions apply).
Meeting facilities and services.
Safe and secure environment, 24/7...

Bistro dining and Bar, looking in from Terrace

Bistro dining

iKWETA Country Inn Terrace, other Garden outdoor sitting areas, and Maua Garden House set up for a function


Melrose Conference Room
Kirimara Meeting Room
iKWETA Country Inn has some of the best meeting facilities in the region. Meeting facilities include a large Conference Room, smaller meeting rooms, and several ‘breakaway rooms’. Executive Board Room is available for private, secured meetings.

2023 Rates*

Bed & Breakfast.
Half-Board or Full-Board for Conference Packages only
(by prior arrangement).

Half-Board rates include Bed, Breakfast and Lunch, or Dinner.
Full-Board rates include Bed, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

(2 adults sharing)
Bed & Breakfast
$37 USD per night

(1 adult)
Bed & Breakfast
$25 USD per night

*All rates include applicable taxes
(VAT, 16%; Tourism Levy, 2%)
Rates are subject to change without notice

Contact us

Availability of accommodation is assured by advance confirmation – First Night Deposit for one Guest Room. If multiple Guest Rooms are booked in a single reservation, then each Guest Room’s First Night rate will be charged. The full booking balance is due on the day of arrival.

We do not accept any payments in cash (in whatever denomination). All payments are through our “Cashless” platforms – direct Bank transfer, M-PESA, major Credit Cards or PayPal.

To check our current availability, make your Reservation and pay for the First Night Deposit, please click on the Calendar box below and enter your desired dates.

If you have specific questions, please send us a WhatsApp message to either +254700196224, or +254708235861.

You can also email us by filling the Contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

See also in FAQ for more information.

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Getting there

Coming by private car or Tour Company vehicle? Please use Google Maps for directions.

Coming by public transportation? Maua is well served by public transportation from Nairobi and Meru town. Buses and Matatu shuttles depart at all times of the day from the neighbourhood of downtown Nairobi popularly known as “Tea Room”, off Accra Road. Take direct shuttle to Maua or transfer at Meru town.

Minimized 1-2-3 Express Guest Check-in Check-out Procedures

-1- Before arrival, complete Digital Registration (through our online Reservations channel). [Guests or travel agents not booking through our online Reservations channel will be sent fillable e-Registration form to complete for each guest and return to us by email.

-2- On arrival, guest presents his/her ID document, fills/signs Guest Registration form, then receives short briefing before  heading to his/her guest Room.

-3- On check-out, the procedure is expedited as well – since payment is always in advance of stay and ‘cashless’ payment may be made for any extras…


Expedited check-in and check-out procedures for guests are part of the Standard Operating Procedures we have put in place at iKWETA Country Inn to make social distancing easier at check-in and check-out.

Additional actions to control the spread of COVID-19 include rigorous hygiene measures in the common areas, in food and beverage service, and in housekeeping.

We continue to train our staff on the new Standard Operating Procedures, to assess the effectiveness of the measures we have put in place, and to make revisions as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

iKWETA Country Inn is open to guests from 06:00 hours. The Hotel closes for the night at 23:00 hours. Night staff are available for late check-in and early departures.

(1) Availability of accommodation is assured by advance confirmation – First Night Deposit for one Guest Room. If multiple Guest Rooms are booked in a single reservation, then each Guest Room’s First Night rate will be charged. Our payments service provider will collect the deposit on our behalf, debit guest’s credit card and notify the guest accordingly. The full booking balance is due on the day of arrival.

(2) We do not accept any payments in cash (in whatever denomination). All payments are through our “Cashless” platforms – direct Bank transfer, M-PESA, major Credit Cards or PayPal.

(3) Change of reservation dates is possible depending on availability.

(4) The deposit will be refunded according to the cancellation conditions.

(5) The booking can be cancelled up to 2 days before arrival and any deposit/prepayment refunded.

(6) In the event of cancellation the day before, or on the day of expected arrival, or of no show, or of booking reduction (early departure), the full cost of the booking is charged.

In light of the disruptions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to the travel, hospitality and tourism sectors, we encourage guests who have booked with us to reschedule their bookings instead of cancelling.

Check-in: After 14:00 hours. Check-out: Before 11:00 hours.
A surcharge may be imposed for early check-in and late check-out.

In accordance with Tourism Act (2011) and other lawful requirements, including on safety and security, iKWETA Country Inn shall maintain a register and cause to be entered in the register particulars of every guest.

All guests shall present their Kenya ID or national passport at check-in as well as other relevant information required for the register. Guests must be 18 years or older with Kenya ID or national passport to reserve or check in at iKWETA Country Inn. Persons without proper ID documents shall be turned away.

Any person visiting a staying guest in the Guest Room must register with their Kenya ID or national passport. Any person sleeping over must register with their Kenya ID or national passport and the lead guest will be charged for the night(s) (at the appropriate tariff, e.g., as Double).

What do you charge for children?

Each child (3-11 years old) sharing a Guest Room with adult(s) will be charged 50% of the adult rate.
Two children (3 to 11 years old) sharing a Guest Room will be charged 75% of the Double Room rate.

Water is life and a scarce resource in our area. Guests are kindly requested to conserve it.

iKWETA Country Inn is supplied from a protected private water source certified by WMA [Water Management Authority], the Government agency mandated to regulate and control the use of water resources. The installed water storage capacity of 80,000 liters is more than adequate for all the Hotel’s needs for several days in the event of temporary water supply interruption.

In regard to sanitation, iKWETA Country Inn has installed several septic tanks and soak-away pits in accordance with NEMA [National Environment Management Authority] requirements and other existing legislation. Evacuation of the septic tanks is by NEMA-licensed operators. Rubbish collection service is provided by the Country Government.


iKWETA Country Inn laundry policy is based on conserving water. We encourage our long-staying guests to accept bed sheet changes every third night, and to re-use their bath and hand towels at least twice before laundering. Successful implementation of this policy of course requires a cooperative effort from both the guests and our staff. In the majority of cases guests are cooperative.

Guests who wish to use our Hotel’s Laundry Service can complete the Laundry Request Form found in the desk drawer.

Free Internet connection on fiber optic is available throughout iKWETA Country Inn as an amenity to enhance guest experience. Connections are available in the Guest Rooms and in the Common Areas (at the Bistro and Bar, Terrace and Maua Gardens).

On guest seeing our Wi-Fi network on their device, and on attempting to connect to it, guest will be prompted to enter the “Network Security Key” and thereafter their “Internet Ticket Code” (which is automatically generated for them by our Front Desk staff on request). 

Our fair use policy and Terms of Use entail apportioning the available bandwidth via Guest Credentials, providing a limited data bundle in accordance with the number of nights guest is staying with us, limiting access to one device at a time per registered guest, and restricting the streaming of videos or music or uploading or downloading an inordinate number of photos as these activities can quickly consume the available bandwidth, thus inconveniencing other guests.

Issuing Guest Credentials is part of our “Two-step Authentication” – also known as “Two-Factor Authentication” (TFA) or “Multi-Factor Authentication” (MFA) – which requires users to provide two different authentication factors to be able to log in to our network. On entering the relevant credentials, connection to our Wi-Fi network is speedy and seamless. Nevertheless, some guests would prefer supposedly ‘faster’, unrestricted access – like the unsecured free Internet available at airports – never mind the security risks that this might pose to our network and to other users on our network… However, our duty of care and prevailing Kenya laws require that we exercise and be seen to exercise due diligence in keeping our Wi-Fi network as secure as possible.

Our Internet service is usually stable. However, fluctuation can occur as a result of different factors, including service provider network issues, hardware/device and software being used by the guest, number of devices at the time connected to our Wi-Fi network, the location of the guest vis a vis the available access points, etc.

Guests are expected to adhere to Acceptable Internet Use Policies, which include respecting our fair use policy and Terms of Use, and not using the iKWETA network for any unlawful purposes, as defined by Kenya laws.


(1) By using the iKWETA network to connect to the Internet guest agrees to iKWETA Country Inn fair use policy and Terms of Use.

(2) iKWETA Country Inn does not offer printing services on site; neither does the Camp allow the use of its business computers by guests to process their documents, access their mail, etc. Exceptionally, we may print an important document for a guest – that is a document no longer than three (3) standard pages, such as an e-AirTicket – for a nominal fee.

Kenya has strict anti-smoking laws. Tobacco Control Act (2007) states that “no person shall smoke in restaurants, hotels, bars or other eating place; except in designated smoking areas”.

All iKWETA Country Inn Guest Rooms are smoke-free. Smoking is absolutely forbidden inside the Guest Rooms. Smoking is allowed only in the designated outdoor area in the Maua Gardens using the provided ash trays.

Any guest contravening the smoking law and iKWETA Country Inn smoking policy makes himself/herself liable to lawful action under the Tobacco Control Act. Also, he/she may be surcharged a cleaning fee equivalent to one night’s stay and asked to leave iKWETA Country Inn without refund.

To maintain serene surroundings and especially a quiet and sleep-conducive environment, iKWETA Country Inn has zero tolerance noise policy.

A warning will be issued to offending guest(s) if there is a noise complaint. If there is a second complaint, the offending guest(s) will be asked to leave the Hotel with no refund.

There is zero tolerance drunkenness policy. No illegal substances are permitted at the Hotel. A violation will result in immediate expulsion from the Hotel and possible involvement of law enforcement.

Reserved Parking for guests is available on the street in front of the Hotel, with general surveillance by Hotel security. For safety and security reasons only guests currently at the Hotel are allowed to park their vehicles in the reserved Parking.

Although this parking area is under general surveillance by Hotel security, guests use the reserved Parking in front of the Hotel at their own risk, and the Hotel assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of parked vehicles or of vehicle contents.

Types of lost and found incidents include:

(1) Mislaid property – the owner has unintentionally left the items behind.
(2) Lost property – the owner has unintentionally left the items behind, then forgotten them.
(3) Abandoned property – the items were intentionally left behind by the owner.

iKWETA Country Inn will maintain a record of lost and found items and of the efforts by the Hotel to contact and return the items to the owners.

Valuable items, such as luggage, will be kept only for 24 hours and disposed of thereafter for safety and security reasons. iKWETA Country Inn will not be held responsible for any missing or damaged items inside the luggage.

Non-valuable items will be kept for 1-2 days. Non-valuable items include items in paper or plastic bags.

Perishable items will be disposed of immediately after guest has checked out. Perishable items include food and food items..

Guests shall be held liable for any loss of or damage to property of iKWETA Country Inn incurred by them. The establishment reserves the right to charge guest’s account commensurate to the cost of such loss or damage.

iKWETA Country Inn exercises all reasonable care in providing its guests and its staff a safe and secure environment. Nevertheless, Hotel guests are expected to observe, abide by, conform to and be bound by all applicable Kenyan laws, rules and regulations in force from time to time.

Hotel guests are advised to take care of their personal belongings as iKWETA Country Inn does not assume responsibility for personal property lost or damaged that has not been handed over to the Front Desk for safe keeping.

The following restrictions are in effect:

(1) Pets are not allowed. Only registered guide dogs may be permitted by prior arrangement. 
(2) Guests may not bring their own pillows, bed sheets, duvets or other items of bedding. 
(3) Guests are not allowed to bring their own electrical appliances and/or equipment for heating and/or cooking purposes. 
(4) All food and beverages for the purpose of entertaining in a Guest Room or anywhere else on the premises must be provided by iKWETA Country Inn. 
(5) Consumption of food or beverages is not allowed in any of the Meeting Rooms. 
(6) Events, functions or parties in the Guest Rooms are not allowed.

Privacy policy

iKWETA Country Inn respects its guests’ concerns about privacy. We are committed to ensuring that our guests’ privacy is protected. Should we ask our guests to provide certain information by which they can be identified when using this Website, then, our guests can be assured that the information will only be used in accordance with this privacy policy.

This privacy policy outlines the types of personal information we obtain from our guests, and how we may use the information. The privacy policy also describes the measures we take to safeguard the personal information and how individuals can contact us about our privacy practices.

iKWETA Country Inn may change this privacy policy from time to time through updates on this website.

iKWETA Country Inn collects the following information on this website: Name; email address and other contact details. Data collected both by us and on our behalf by third party service providers (e.g., for ‘cashless payments’ and Online Reservations and Payments Online) may include personal details of “Lead Guest” (such as name, phone number, email, postal address and payment information).

At check-in, it is standard procedure and a lawful requirement in Kenya for all Hotel guests to provide certain basic information about themselves. The law states that: “The licensee shall keep a register of particulars of every guest” (Tourism Act, 2011. Section 27, Tourism Regulatory Authority Regulations, 2014. Register and book to be kept by licensee). This information is collected on a standard Guest Registration form. For meetings, conferences and events, there is a basic Registration form for participants.

iKWETA Country Inn gathers such information so as to abide by Kenyan lawful requirements, including verification purposes, and to be able to follow up on our guests’ reservations and to provide them with a better service. Such information is also useful for internal record keeping and for handling and resolving any disputes that may arise.

iKWETA Country Inn is committed to ensuring that our guests information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online and on Guest Registration forms at check-in.

Data that is collected on our behalf by third party service providers (e.g., for ‘cashless’ payments and Online Reservations and Payments Online) is subject to the privacy policies and practices of those third party service providers. If payment information is provided this is processed directly by PCI Level 1 Compliant third party gateway providers according to prevailing international industry data security standards.

If guests have any questions about this Privacy Notice, they can contact us by e-mail through the Contact form on this website or write to us at:

iKWETA Country Inn, P.O. Box 620 Maua 60600 Kenya.